Contact Center Platform

Complete Contact Center Solution with AI-Powered Interactions, and Omnichannel Support.

CSRScape offers a complete contact center solution with omnichannel support, built-in voice, AI-driven chat interactions, performance reporting, coaching, quality assurance, CRM, campaign management, and customer portals.
Contact Center
Revolutionizing Contact Centers with Seamless Multichannel Communication
CSRScape streamlines customer communication across channels. Real-time updates and user-friendly tools make managing your contact center effortless.
Unified Interface
Manage all customer interactions across phone, email, chat, and SMS from a single, seamless interface for enhanced efficiency.
Real-Time Analytics
Access real-time data and insights to monitor performance, track key metrics, and make data-driven decisions to optimize support.
AI-Powered Assistance
Leverage advanced AI to automate routine inquiries, providing immediate and accurate responses to customers, freeing up agent resources.
AI Chatbots
Introducing CSRScape's AI Chatbots: Your 24/7 Conversational Support Assistants
Our AI chatbots provide 24/7 customer support, learning instantly and engaging in realistic, conversational interactions, directly embedded on your websites.
Instant Adaptation
AI learns rapidly, ensuring current and accurate responses for effective customer engagement.
24/7 Accessibility
Uninterrupted support without live agents, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.
Industry Enhanced
Industry-specific chatbots manage data and execute real actions, enhancing efficiency and service quality in self-storage interactions.
Streamline Customer Interactions with Conversations
CSRScape's Conversations feature consolidates customer inquiries from various channels, simplifying management and response for efficient team collaboration.
Efficient Team Collaboration
Teams can work together seamlessly, assign users, and track who's viewing each conversation, ensuring prompt customer support.
Unified Multi-Channel Management
Combine voice, SMS, email, live chat, and more in a single inbox, simplifying customer interaction management for teams.
Flexible Channel Switching
Easily switch between channels within a conversation, enabling swift communication transitions and personalized customer interactions.
Voice Apps
Revolutionize Customer Calls with
Dynamic Voice Apps
Empower customers with interactive phone menus for self-service, account management, and seamless transactions.
Effortless Self-Service
Customers navigate menus to access account information, store details, or initiate transactions independently, reducing reliance on live agents.
Customizable Solutions
Tailor voice apps to specific needs with pre-built options or request bespoke solutions, ensuring alignment with business requirements.
Enhanced Accessibility
Provide 24/7 automated support, integrating with CRM data and other platforms, delivering prompt assistance and streamlined experiences.
AI Chatbot
AI Analytics
Live Chat
AI Chatbot
AI Analytics
Live Chat
Frequently Asked Questions
Everything you need to know
CSRScape is a complete contact platform bringing all the tools together into a unified platform to support your customers.
What is CSRScape?
A comprehensive contact center platform for all your communication needs.
Do you support voice?
Yes. We've got built in support for voice calls. No third parties needed - everything you need is right here.
Which channels do you support?
CSRScape supports conversations with customers over voice, email, SMS, live agent chat, voicemail and AI chatbots.
Can I add CSRScape to my website?
Yes. With CSRScape widgets you can embed customer support right your website and power AI-chatbots and live agent chat.
Can CSRScape handle multiple channels?
Yes, including voice, SMS, email, live chat, and AI chatbots.
Does CSRScape support voice applications?
Yes, with IVR menus, voicemail, and custom voice apps.
Can I monitor activities in real-time?
Real-time dashboards and live monitoring are available.
Can I switch channels within a conversation?
Yes, effortlessly transition between channels like email and SMS.
Does CSRScape support unlimited brands?
Absolutely, cater to different businesses with ease.
How does skill-based routing work?
Automatically assigns conversations to agents with the right skills.
Can CSRScape integrate with CRMs?
Yes, including specific industry platforms like SiteLink and Yardi.
Are custom voice apps available?
Choose from pre-built options or request custom voice apps.
Elevate Your Customer Service Today with CSRScape
Unlock a seamless, omni-channel customer service experience with powerful features designed to streamline communication and enhance teamwork.