A unified platform for breakthrough contact center results.

CSRScape is an integrated performance management solution for contact centers, featuring all the tools you need to drive outstanding results from a single system.

Coaching. Quality Assurance. Scorecards. Analytics. Training. Consolidate your systems and start saving money today.
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"I really loved the comparative data feature for generating competition. The group coaching features are perfect for team huddles and acceleration coaching."
Contact Center Manager
"The perfect tool for team leaders, managers, QAs and associates. It's simple, neat and just works. Well done!"
QA Analyst
"CSRScape is great for contact centers to keep track of performance and do their daily tasks in a single app. It's simple to understand and easy to navigate."
Performance Coach

Contact Center Performance System

If you are serious about contact center performance, you'll know there are many tools you need to do the job. Quality tracking software, somewhere to document your coaching sessions and lots and lots of spreadsheets to communicate your results and analysis. With CSRScape, we've brought everything together into a single integrated performance management platform - where we can both save you money and help you drive unbelievable results.

When you move to CSRScape, you'll no longer need separate software for quality and coaching, and you'll be able to access the latest performance numbers for your sites instantly. No more spreadsheet reporting overflowing your inbox. One place to go for everything related to performance.

What is CSRScape exactly?

CSRScape is a web application dedicated to contact center performance. It supports your quality, coaching, scorecard, reporting, and analysis processes.

You can get started with CSRScape in just minutes and start benefiting from its features immediately. All you need is an internet connection. No other servers. No expensive local installation.

New features are released for CSRScape all the time - but you don't have to worry about installing updates. We take care of everything - log in, and you'll always be running the latest version. We continuously expand the software to put more tools in your hands to move your metrics.

I've got options. Why CSRScape?

CSRScape brings everything together into a single platform. With a single user account, your team will be able to log in and access everything they need to monitor and drive performance. CSRScape user accounts are based on each person's role in your center, so everyone can only enter and access the relevant information.

We designed CSRScape to handle multiple contact centers acting independently within your business easily. If you are a BPO or have multiple contact centers you want to manage separately - you'll love CSRScape. We let you support unlimited accounts and locations at no extra cost. You simply pay for the users you need. Users will only be able to access data for the accounts and locations you have authorized them on.

As soon as data is uploaded or entered into CSRScape, it becomes available in the reporting views. You are always guaranteed to be looking at the latest numbers for your sites. You don't need to wait for someone to manually prepare a spreadsheet or slide-based report and send it to you.

With CSRScape, you'll no longer need any other software to manage your coaching or quality processes, and it will automate your scorecards and analysis. With our dedication to keeping CSRScape as affordable as possible, you could likely run CSRScape in your sites for less than what you are paying for just one of the applications you'll no longer need.

Who is CSRScape for?

CSRScape can support contact center operations of any size.
Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs)

Our team has worked in BPOs worldwide, including extensively in the Philippines, Costa Rica, the US, and Australia. We understand the performance pressure and the drive to get an edge over your competitors. Let us be that edge.

CSRScape supports splitting user access and data across all your accounts. You can maintain a global view of performance at an account level and have the ability to drill down by location and line of business. There are no setup costs when you need to add an account or location. You only need to pay per user per month, so your costs adapt to seasonable ramps.

We've supported over 75,000 agents in BPO contact centers worldwide and helped some of the world's largest brands in products we created before CSRScape. Now, we are back with our most powerful application yet, and we can't wait to be your secret weapon.

Internal contact centers

With CSRScape, you can achieve your internal performance targets while helping your team have a better day with an integrated suite of reliable performance tools.

Consolidate your systems down to a single vendor, and simplify training and learning for your team by giving them just one place to go.

First released in 2021, and updated regularly, CSRScape is a fresh, modern approach to contact center performance management. Energize your center with a new focus on results, and support your teams to develop and improve with best-in-class coaching, quality, and reporting tools.

Give your customers the best support.

Equip your team with the best tools to drive quality, effective coaching and performance in your contact center.
Improve quality
Monitor your operational quality with configurable quality forms that let you capture and score assessments just the way you want to. With automatic integration with our scorecard and analytics system, you'll be able to understand quality results and drivers in real-time.
Coach effectively
Capture coaching conversations with goal setting and structured action plans that your agents can commit to, and your coaches can follow-up. With CSRScape, you can maximize the effectiveness of your coaching time investment.
Drive results
CSRScape's holistic approach to performance means you can consolidate systems and consolidate your team's focus down to a single system to monitor and drive results. Track and analyze performance like never before with instantly updating, automated performance views.
Save money
Our dedication to affordable pricing means CSRScape can cost you less than even one of the multiple systems it can replace. Let us save you money while equipping your team with a growing range of tools delivered over a fast, modern platform.

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