A unified platform for breakthrough contact center results.

CSRScape is an integrated performance management solution for contact centers, featuring all the tools you need to drive outstanding results from a single system.

Coaching. Quality Assurance. Scorecards. Analytics. Training. Consolidate your systems and start saving money today.

Get results. Get them now. Accelerate your contact center performance.

CSRScape Contact Center Dashboards
Contact center performance management

. Unified Platform

Quality, coaching, scorecards, and analytics in a single system. Monitor, measure, and drive performance like never before.

. Save Money

Replace quality and coaching systems - and eliminate manually prepared reporting. Reduce your costs and free up resources.

. Fast Results

Get started today with an instant online setup, and you'll already be getting results before your next client meeting.

Don't just take our word for it.

Tried and tested by experienced contact center and BPO professionals.

Testimonial 01
— I really loved the comparative data feature for generating competition. The group coaching features are perfect for team huddles and acceleration coaching.
Testimonial 02
— The perfect tool for team leaders, managers, QAs and associates. It's simple, neat and just works. Well done!
Vanessa - QA Analyst
Testimonial 03
— CSRScape is great for contact centers to keep track of performance and do their daily tasks in a single app. It's simple to understand and easy to navigate.
Contact center performance

One system, unlimited potential

We bring your performance management processes together into one system - with the tools and structure to maximize them.

CSRScape Contact Center Report Filters
No more spreadsheets

Dashboards & Analytics

See your call center data in automatically-updated, real-time dashboards, charts, and scorecards - including deep analytics features.

  • Automate your reporting
  • React instantly to performance
  • Integrations including AWS Connect
CSRScape Contact Center Quality Management
QA where it should be

Quality Assurance

Bring QA into your performance platform - no longer an isolated system. One place to focus and drive performance.

  • Highly-customizable quality forms
  • CRM integrations to find conversations
  • Deep coaching system integration
CSRScape Contact Center Coaching System
Real, actionable conversations

Coaching System

Bring structure and accountability to your coaching conversations so you can get maximum results from your time investment.

  • Clear performance goal tracking
  • Action plans with tracking
  • Confirmation accountability system

Powerful tools for high performance teams.

Unified Focus
Drop the disparate systems and processes. CSRScape brings everything to one home for your team to stay focused and driven.
Control Costs
We offer simple, per-user licensing with monthly or annual options - and it's cheaper than even one of the multiple systems it can replace.
Automated Scorecards
Get automated results created in real-time as soon as data is available. Spend your time driving results, not preparing reports.
Secure System
Stored in a highly secure system build in Amazon Web Services (AWS), we keep your data safe and secure.
Expanding Features
We're expanding our features and bringing new tools to your performance management approach regularly. Be part of the journey.
Deployable Instantly
Sign-up online and get started right now. By the time your next monthly review or client meeting comes around, you'll already be getting results.

We'll give you the edge.

Whether it's 4 or 4,000 - we can support your contact center operation.

Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs)

Our team has worked in BPOs worldwide, including extensively in the Philippines, Costa Rica, the US, and Australia. We understand the performance pressure and the drive to get an edge over your competitors. Let us be that edge.

CSRScape supports splitting user access and data across all your accounts. You can maintain a global view of performance at an account level and have the ability to drill down by location and line of business. There are no setup costs when you need to add an account or location. You only need to pay per user per month, so your costs adapt to seasonal ramps.

We've supported over 75,000 agents in BPO contact centers worldwide and helped some of the world's largest brands in products we created before CSRScape. Now, we are back with our most powerful application yet, and we can't wait to be your secret weapon.

Internal contact centers

With CSRScape, you can achieve your internal performance targets while helping your team have a better day with an integrated suite of reliable performance tools.

Consolidate your systems down to a single vendor, and simplify performance management processes for your team by giving them just one place to go.

First released in 2021 and updated regularly, CSRScape is a fresh, modern approach to contact center performance management. Energize your center with a new focus on results, and support your teams to develop and improve with best-in-class coaching, quality, and reporting tools.

Let's take it a step further.

CSRScape integrates with your existing contact center technology to automate processes and maximize results.

Performance management. Unified.

One home for your performance management processes.


Powerful scorecards and analytics to track and understand your results and automate your reporting processes.


Drive quality with form customization, automatic reporting, and integrations to search conversations easily.


Maximize agent performance with structured coaching sessions complete with goals and action plans.

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