Contact Center

Unlock Seamless Customer Support with CSRScape's
Omni-Channel Platform

CSRScape unifies customer interactions across channels with real-time insights and comprehensive tools for seamless support.
Omni-Channel Integration
CSRScape allows you to manage customer interactions across voice, SMS, email, voicemail, live chat, and AI chatbots from a single platform. This integration ensures that conversations can continue smoothly across different channels, providing a cohesive experience for both your customers and agents.
Real-Time Insights
With CSRScape's live monitoring dashboards and real-time analytics, you gain immediate insights into your contact center's performance. This enables quick decisions and adjustments, ensuring your team meets customer needs efficiently and effectively.
Workforce Empowerment
CSRScape's comprehensive workforce management tools, including call forecasting, capacity planning, and rostering systems, empower your team to operate at peak efficiency. Real-time activity tracking helps ensure that agents are performing the correct activities, optimizing your workforce's productivity and satisfaction.
Contact Center
Unified Customer Support Experience
CSRScape is a complete contact platform bringing all the tools together into a unified platform to support your customers.
Multi-Channel Support
Voice, SMS, email, voicemail, live chat, and AI chatbots all seamlessly integrated.
Omni-Channel Inbox
A unified inbox that allows for continuous conversations across various communication channels.
Advanced Voice System
A primary feature built with contact centers in mind, including IVR menus and voicemail.
Real-Time Analytics
Dashboards provide a comprehensive, real-time view of contact center metrics to guide decision-making.
Live Monitoring
Monitor live calls and dashboards to keep track of your team and overall contact center performance.
Comprehensive Workforce Management
Includes call forecasting, capacity planning, and a rostering system for optimal workforce scheduling.
Skill-Based Routing
Directs calls to the right agent using IVR menus, enhancing customer service efficiency.
Activity Tracking
Tracks actual activities and time spent in the application for better schedule and activity adherence.
Browser-Based Calling
Call controls built into the application, facilitating hold, conference, transfer, and outbound calls.
Advanced Reporting
Access to hundreds of metrics with an advanced reporting system for deep insights into performance.
Remote Workforce Ready
A web browser and internet connection are all your team needs to operate as an enterprise-level contact center remotely.
Unlimited Brands Support
Manage multiple businesses with a single team, enhancing efficiency and scalability.
Elevate Your Customer Service Today with CSRScape
Unlock a seamless, omni-channel customer service experience with powerful features designed to streamline communication and enhance teamwork.