Driving contact centers to peak performance.


A unified platform for breakthrough contact center results.

At CSRScape, we provide software to support performance management operations in your contact center so that you can achieve outstanding results. It's affordable, fast, and unlike anything you've seen before.

We built CSRScape to be a fast, high-performance contact center performance system with a simple, approachable user interface that makes it easy to learn. We provide features to support scorecards, reporting, analytics, coaching, quality, training, and much more - all in a single unified platform.

We have a ton of great features in place, and we are always busy creating new ones. We don't have versions or major scheduled releases - we like to move much faster than that. So you'll see new features come to CSRScape most weeks.

We've built systems for the biggest contact centers and brands in the world. Now, we've created CSRScape to help any center that's serious about performance.

Who we are.

We're based on the Gold Coast in Australia - but we support businesses worldwide. Our other applications have helped over 75,000 people in over 100 call centers globally.

We've supported some of the world's largest technology brands and gained a wealth of experience delivering quality, high-availability business software to customer service teams.

We're self-funded and a division of 4thPortal - An Australian business software company trading since 2013.


Powerful scorecards and analytics to track and understand your results and automate your reporting processes.


Drive quality with form customization, automatic reporting, and integrations to search conversations easily.


Maximize agent performance with structured coaching sessions complete with goals and action plans.

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