AWS Connect Dashboards with CSRScape

Automate and greatly expand your call center reporting power using CSRScape and our new integration with AWS Connect. Save money. Save time. Maximize results.
Daniel Baylis
By Daniel Baylis ยท 31 Mar 2021

Running your call center on AWS Connect and want to improve and automate your reporting capability dramatically?

With CSRScape's new AWS Connect integration, we've got you covered.

AWS Connect Reporting - Supercharged

With this integration, your call performance data can automatically flow into CSRScape. New data will be imported regularly, keeping all your scorecards and performance views up to date.

In CSRScape, you'll enjoy fast and easy to navigate scorecards and analytic views, all in a modern, visually appealing web application. You'll eliminate the need for manually prepared reporting and endless Excel spreadsheets.

In addition to opening new ways to explore your performance data, CSRScape also offers point-in-time reporting hierarchies. Unlike AWS Connect which only offers a single reporting structure, we'll keep your data organized based on the reporting hierarchy that was effective at the time. 

If you change team structures and reporting alignments in the future, CSRScape will keep your history in place so you can maintain a true long-term view of team and manager results. Even changes to historical reporting alignments are supported, so you can make corrections as needed and have the results reflected in your existing data.

Call Center Performance Reporting

Our AWS Connect integration builds upon our existing reporting system, where you can easily set up new dashboards in seconds. Once you've chosen a name and connect your metrics, you'll instantly gain access to a range of analytical views - all automatically updated as new AWS Connect data arrives. 

CSRScape's call center performance reporting capability includes:

  • Unlimited dashboards with different metric configurations;
  • Animated graphical views to display performance trends;
  • Global-first reporting that makes it easy to report performance across locations, lines of business, managers, teams - all the way down to individual agents;
  • Scorecard views of tabulated data to get to the raw numbers;
  • Stack ranks to view best to worst across a metric in any combination filters; and
  • Detailed quality assurance metric analytics to deeply explore performance, even down to individual quality form items.

The CSRScape reporting engine is designed to be extremely fast and flexible and offers an excellent extension and reporting automation solution for raw AWS Connect data.

Typically this integration takes only about 15 minutes to set up - and is a one-time process. Our team is very familiar with AWS Connect and is on standby to help you get set up if you need it.

If you are serious about contact center performance and are looking for new tools to try that cost far below what you would expect, we'd love for you to check out CSRScape

If you are not on AWS Connect, we offer many other integrations to help centralize your performance data and performance management activities. Even without an integration, we support spreadsheet-based uploads so your reporting team can get data centralized and reporting automated directly from any raw source.

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