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Integration of Kustomer with CSRScape, means you can search for conversations directly from within your quality platform, accelerating your QA workflow.
Daniel Baylis
By Daniel Baylis ยท 14 May 2021

Our new integration with Kustomer means you can explore conversations directly from CSRScape, accelerating your QA workflow.

With the ability to search across critical fields, including custom fields you've set up in Kustomer, you can easily find the best conversations to drive your quality assessment process.

Kustomer Conversation QA

CSRScape is a unified performance platform for contact centers, bringing performance reporting, quality, coaching, and survey analytics into a single platform. With our quality feature, you can create unlimited forms to capture your assessments, with a wide range of rating scales and configuration options to support your designs.

Our integration with Kustomer means you can search for the most meaningful conversations directly from CSRScape and then link them directly to a quality assessment. Once linked, not only can you ensure that you have assessed critical Kustomer conversations for quality, but you'll gain the convenience of opening the conversation directly while viewing the assessment.

Conversation Search

Kustomer conversations are automatically associated with the matching CSRScape user when they are imported. This makes it easy to search conversations by the user - ideal for when you have an agent-quota-based approach to focus your assessments.

Through the search functionality, you can track down conversations with negative survey results, making it easy to focus your quality assessment efforts. If you are also using Delighted, you can use the custom field search support to search Kustomer conversations by the Delighted survey result. 

If your centers handle voice support in Kustomer using AWS Connect, CSRScape can present you with the call recording link as an added convenience. With a couple of clicks, you can find the conversations of interest for your QA process, launch the conversation in Kustomer and play the recording in AWS Connect.

CSRScape also supports linking a coaching session directly to an imported Kustomer conversation. If the conversation requires coaching, you can keep them associated even without performing a quality assessment. Like quality assessment association, this offers you the convenience of knowing when conversations were coached and keeping the conversation reference on the coaching session.

Kustomer is our first CRM integration - but many more are coming. Within a few clicks, you can get your systems connected and start making life easier for your contact center team.

CSRScape offers free trials and much less expensive than you would expect.

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