Contact Center Quality Analytics

CSRScape's contact center quality features include advanced analytics so you can pinpoint opportunities and focus your quality assurance improvement efforts.
Daniel Baylis
By Daniel Baylis ยท 18 Feb 2021

Are you responsible for analyzing and driving contact center quality assurance? If so, we've got an exciting update for you this week!

Quality Insights

CSRScape now offers advanced quality analytics. This new feature empowers you to deep dive into your quality performance and understand how results for individual items are impacting your overall score.

And the best part? We've integrated this analytic feature directly with our main performance reporting engine. That means you can break down results by location, line of business, manager, supervisor, and agent while also using filters to slice your results by any part of your site. 

Which items are having the most impact on your internal quality assurance results? How do your various sites, managers, teams, and agents compare in their performance? Who can you learn from? Who needs extra help? With CSRScape's new quality analytics feature, you'll have the answers in seconds.

Like all our features, this latest update comes without any additional cost. We've just released it today and can already see QAs and reporting teams using the new insights.

Stack Ranks

We've also extended our reporting system to include a new view - stack ranks. Stack ranks, or stack ranking, is where performance for a metric is stacked from best to worst performer in a single view. These reports enable you to instantly see your best performers and those in need of extra help.

Stack ranks get you beyond just managing performance based on the average result. You'll have the power to perform a more detailed variation analysis and target your improvement efforts more directly.

Like all our reporting views, stack ranks can break down performance by location, manager, supervisor, or agent - so you can understand results at any performance level.

New to CSRScape?

CSRScape is a call center performance system - all the tools you need to manage and drive performance in your sites in a single system. 

We save you money by reducing how many other systems you need and how much you spend creating performance reports and analysis.  

We improve your performance by equipping your team with best-in-class tools presented in an exciting unified platform that will bring a new focus on performance to your centers. 

If you would like to try it out, get in touch. We can take you through a guided demo or set you up on a free trial so that you can explore the features at your own pace.

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