CSAT Reporting With Delighted

With CSRScape's survey system, you can import surveys from Delighted and immediately filter, analyze, assess and provide coaching in one integrated platform.
Daniel Baylis
By Daniel Baylis ยท 19 Apr 2021

Serious about CSAT and NPS? Using Delighted? Explore your contact center performance in real-time with the new Delighted integration for CSRScape.

With our focus on helping contact centers to achieve peak performance through analytics, coaching, and quality, integration with Delighted was an excellent natural fit. 

Once set up, details of all your surveys will be sent instantly to CSRScape, where they can be reviewed, explored, and coached.

Handling DSAT

Surveys are automatically classified based on the survey type and scoring mechanism, so you can immediately jump to the best and worst surveys with ease.

You'll know about negative survey results the second the customer submits them, without any need to wait for delayed data imports or manual actions. Once in CSRScape, you'll be ready to take immediate action.

Quality Assessments & Coaching

CSRScape will match all survey results to the appropriate user, where they can be easily linked to quality assessments or coaching sessions. 

Linking the survey to a quality assessment gives you the chance to explore what has gone wrong in the transaction. You can provide a detailed evaluation to your agent and supervisor so they can form a correct strategy to prevent further negative survey results. 

At the same time, you can ensure that your QA process is capturing negative CSAT result drivers by comparing your evaluation result to the customer's rating.

By linking survey results to coaching sessions, you can ensure that the appropriate feedback occurs and that clear, meaningful action plans are created for the agent to follow.

Automated CSAT & NPS Metric Reporting

As well as analyzing results individually, this integration automatically creates and populates metrics in CSRScape's performance system. You'll have automatic calculation of CSAT and NPS results, all feeding through to our full range of performance and analytical views.

Other Survey Sources

Our integration with Delighted is just one possible source for our survey system. We are working on a range for further integrations and offer manual spreadsheet-based uploads when you have data for a system we do not already support.

If CSAT, NPS or other customer-survey based metrics are important to your contact center, the CSRScape survey analytics feature offers a fantastic opportunity. We can help you to accelerate your reporting, quality, and coaching processes to better deal with negative customer feedback and drive your CSAT metrics up.

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