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CSRScape - A unified platform for call center performance management. Find out how we can help you drive results in your contact center.
Daniel Baylis
By Daniel Baylis ยท 11 Feb 2021

Thank you for checking out CSRScape! CSRScape is unified platform for call center performance management. If you are responsible for managing performance in a contact center, you are going to love it.

In this article, I'll take you through what it is all about and how our software can help you and your team get results - and have a better day.

CSRScape is a collection of tools to monitor and drive performance in your contact center. It brings together the tools you have used before across different systems and spreadsheets (so many spreadsheets!) into a single integrated platform.

With CSRScape, you and your team have only one place to go for everything you need related to performance management. So before we even get to the features, CSRScape is going to:

  • Save you the cost of managing separate systems (quality and coaching software licenses and manual performance reporting preparation); and
  • Save you the cost of having your team learn and manage user access to those multiple, unrelated systems.

We've made CSRScape so affordable that in many cases, you'll find the price is lower than even one of the multiple systems and processes it will replace.

So let's talk about what features CSRScape has to offer and what we have coming to the platform.


CSRScape can capture and provide reporting views for any metric you have. Scorecard and graphical views can provide reporting globally across all your locations and break results down by location, line of business, manager, team, and agent. 

Our easy to navigate user interface and lightning-fast reporting engine will keep the latest performance results available to everyone without opening a single spreadsheet. You'll see your results faster, share the same consistent view in real-time with your whole team, and keep your reporting together with your quality and coaching processes.

Quality Management Software

Bring your quality management processes directly into CSRScape. With a wide range of scoring and rating options, you'll be able to create your quality forms just how you like them.

With your quality assessments being entered directly in CSRScape, you'll automatically be populating quality metrics in the scorecard system. Your contact center will have a live view of quality as your QA team enter assessments, and you'll have access to the same reporting power made available for your other metrics.

Your agents can access their QA results right next to their performance data - giving them immediate and ongoing access to their assessments. They can learn from their assessments and reference them anytime - right next to their metric performance results.

Coaching Software

We believe structured, supportive coaching is the most effective ongoing performance management process you can have in your contact center. CSRScape helps you maximize the effectiveness of your coaching investment. It achieves this by providing coaches and agents with a platform to document the feedback, lessons, goals, and action plans from their coaching sessions.

Through this documentation, active agent confirmations, and structured action plans, CSRScape makes sure that coaching happens and that meaningful action plans are created - and get done.


Delivery as an online service means we can upgrade and extend CSRScape anytime - without any downtime. All you need is an internet connection and a browser to have access to our latest features. And we've got big plans.

We are currently working on advanced analytical views to provide you with critical insights on your performance and quality drivers in just seconds. We're also integrating with AWS Connect, making it possible for Connect-driven contact centers to automatically pull user, report hierarchy, and call metric data into CSRScape.

Further down the track, we'll bring solutions for training, recruitment management, and much more to the platform.

Start Today

We'd love the opportunity to show you what CSRScape can do. We offer live, guided demonstrations and free trials to help learn more about it. To get started, please get in touch.

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