Automated scorecards and dashboards for contact centers.

Turn data from your call system into dashboards, scorecards, and insights - instantly. No more spreadsheets. No more manual reporting.

CSRScape Dashboard
High-performance system

No more spreadsheets. No more slideshows.

From individual agent results to worldwide site-level stack ranks, CSRScape takes contact center reporting to the next level.

CSRScape Chart
Save Time. Drive Results.

Scorecards & Dashboards

Import your data and explore results in real-time with instantly updating performance views. No more manual reports - we've done it all for you.

  • Graphical and tabulated data views
  • From worldwide to agent level in the same system
  • Fast, high-performance reporting
CSRScape Stack Rank
Your virtual reporting analyst.

Performance Analysis

Understand your results and optimize your improvement efforts with detailed performance and analytical views.

  • Stack ranks from agent to center level
  • Detailed quality form analytics to item level
  • Unique views for performance insights
CSRScape Chart
Powerful integrations

Automated data delivery

Integrate your call system for automated data importing with integrations like the one we built for AWS Connect. Watch your dashboards update as new data becomes available.

  • Automatic call data import from compatible sources
  • Reduce reporting and admin efforts
  • Fast, easy manual data import options when you need it

Built by experienced reporting analysts. Just for you.

Single Source of Truth
CSRScape eliminates the versions and delays of manually distributed reporting. It's a single source of truth for your current performance levels.
All Metrics
With support for unlimited metrics, you can bring all your performance reporting into one home for your entire team.
Organized Data
Organize your results by business unit, line of business, location, manager, supervisor, and agent - CSRScape works no matter how your centers are organized.
Custom Dashboards
Create unlimited custom dashboards that focus on the most critical metrics, making it easy for your different teams to access the information they need.
Built For Scale
Built on infinitely-scalable AWS infrastructure, CSRScape can always keep up with storage and reporting performance no matter how many agents and metrics you have.
Need a reporting or analytical view we don't have today? No problem! We develop fast and release regularly. We love hearing about new reporting approaches we can add to help you.

Delivered automatically.
Updated instantly.

An expanding list of integrations with the most popular call center solutions means your data can be pulled in automatically and instantly reflected in our dashboards.

CSRScape Contact Center Reporting Filters
Extended reporting power.

. Integrate

Authorize CSRScape to access your call system's API with full support from our team to guide you through.

. Set Up

Configure how lines of business, locations, metrics, and agents should be mapped - giving you full control.

. Import

Watch data automatically import as it becomes available, keeping your scorecards up to date.

We build the reports, so you can focus on action.

With reporting and analytic views updating automatically, your team can stay focused on understanding results and driving improvement.

Advanced filtering

Start broad, and then select from a wide range of filters to focus dashboard views on areas of interest. We don't limit you to just exploring results by site, manager, team, and agent. Pick any combination - even groups of agents across teams - and find patterns and insights in your results.

Multiple contexts

Instantly shift from global views for worldwide options that focus on center level results, down to managers, team and agents. Explore performance in unique ways, like global stack ranks of team leaders across your entire enterprise to find your best coaches and leaders.

Powerful engine

Benefit from the fastest reporting engine we've ever created, processing your raw data through to aggregate results at blistering speed. Built ready for worldwide multi-site operations, CSRScape can handle contact center performance operations of any scale.

Save money

Manually prepared reporting costs money to create and distribute - and to consume. Our dashboard system takes this cost out, so your team can focus on understanding results, finding opportunities, and driving results.

Let's take it a step further.

CSRScape integrates with your existing contact center technology to automate processes and maximize results.

Performance management. Unified.

One home for your performance management processes.


Powerful scorecards and analytics to track and understand your results and automate your reporting processes.


Drive quality with form customization, automatic reporting, and integrations to search conversations easily.


Maximize agent performance with structured coaching sessions complete with goals and action plans.

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