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Your performance management systems, together in one home

CSRScape Contact Center Performacne System
For high-performance teams

. For Reporting

Automated. Fast. Insightful. Dashboards and reports to understand performance - and opportunities - across your centers.

. For Quality

Customizable forms. CRM integrations. A quality system that works together with your reporting and coaching processes.

. For Coaching

Goal setting. Action plans. Confirmations. A platform for effective, high-performance coaching that gets results.

You are paying too much for performance management.

Multiple disparate systems, time-consuming manual processes. It's time to step up.

One System

Focused and simplified, your team will have just one place to measure, understand and drive performance.

Eliminate Costs

Cheaper than even a single system that it replaces - and it replaces multiple. A cost-neutral investment.


Automate scorecards, dashboards, and insights - freeing your team up to stay focused on improvement actions.

Managed Service

An online, managed service - We take care of everything so all you have to do is log in. No installations or servers for your IT team to manage.

Human Resources

Documented, confirmed coaching conversation tracking to support HR exit processes when things aren't working out.

Faster Ramp Time

Deliver video training with structured coaching integration to get your agents up to speed faster with reduced turnover.

Don't just take our word for it.

Tried and tested by experienced contact center and BPO professionals.

Testimonial 01
— I really loved the comparative data feature for generating competition. The group coaching features are perfect for team huddles and acceleration coaching.
Testimonial 02
— The perfect tool for team leaders, managers, QAs and associates. It's simple, neat and just works. Well done!
Vanessa - QA Analyst
Testimonial 03
— CSRScape is great for contact centers to keep track of performance and do their daily tasks in a single app. It's simple to understand and easy to navigate.

Performance management. Unified.

One home for your performance management processes.


Powerful scorecards and analytics to track and understand your results and automate your reporting processes.


Drive quality with form customization, automatic reporting, and integrations to search conversations easily.


Maximize agent performance with structured coaching sessions complete with goals and action plans.

Let's take it a step further.

CSRScape integrates with your existing contact center technology to automate processes and maximize results.

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