Integrate AWS Connect with CSRScape

Enhanced performance reporting for your AWS Connect call center.

If your call center runs on AWS Connect, you can extend your performance reporting and analytics capability by integrating with CSRScape. Maintain a single platform for quality, coaching and live updating dashboards.

AWS Connect offers a robust, affordable call center solution that's easy to get started with and even better to scale. However, its performance reporting options are limited.

Your reporting team likely needs to manually extract data from AWS Connect and prepare reports and dashboards in Excel before it's ready to share with your operations team. This costs you the resources to produce and distribute the reports and causes your team to work with delayed information.

By integrating AWS Connect with CSRScape, these problems go away.

Automatic Data Import

With our AWS Connect integration the latest performance data will automatically be sent to CSRScape, instantly updating your dashboards. Everyone in your call center will have the latest view of performance as new data arrives. Even your agents can check on their results directly, shortening the feedback cycle and helping them self-regulate their performance.

Reporting Alignment History

Unlike AWS Connect, CSRScape maintains a full history of reporting structures. You can always rely on the same aggregated results appearing for supervisors and managers for a given period, even if you change the alignment in the future. This makes CSRScape a reliable, permanent record of historical performance, eliminating the need for other manually maintained reporting.

A Unified Platform

CSRScape goes well beyond this extended performance reporting. It is a unified platform for your call center's performance management - bringing coaching and quality management features together with reporting and analytics.

AWS Connect and CSRScape

  • Automatically send call performance data from AWS Connect to CSRScape;
  • Analyze and understand your results with graphical, tabulated, and analytical views;
  • Maintain historical performance aggregations with a complete history of user alignment;
  • Stop manually preparing and distributing performance reporting to your team;
  • Put the latest performance information in your team's hands automatically; and
  • Equip your agents to self-regulate their performance with live access to their results.

Next steps

If you are already using CSRScape, check out the CSRScape and AWS Connect integration support article to get started.

If you haven't tried CSRScape before and would like to try a new approach to contact center performance management, we'd love for you to try CSRScape for free.

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