Integrate Delighted with CSRScape

Review and coach survey results directly in CSRScape.

When you integrate with Delighted, you'll be able to monitor and explore your survey results directly in CSRScape. When a survey needs coaching, you can keep it linked.

Visible Results

Our integration with Delighted makes it possible for your entire center to review and monitor survey results as soon as they come in - even without having access to Delighted itself. Keep everyone focused and empowered to react quickly to poor surveys.

Targeted Filtering

Surveys are easily filtered to find the best and worst results no matter which rating scale you use. In just seconds, you'll be able to find the best performers that you need to recognize. You'll also be able to find the surveys bringing your results down.

Integrated Coaching

When a survey triggers a coaching session, you can keep it linked. Just click on the coach button while viewing the survey, and you'll jump straight into a coaching form prefilled with the agent and survey details.

Linking surveys to coaching sessions ensures your agents understand the specific survey triggering the session and puts the discussion and improvement plan in context. It also means you'll have lasting documentation that your team addressed the survey with action.

Delighted and CSRScape

  • Make your survey results widely available to your team to review and explore;
  • Easily find the best performers you need to recognize;
  • Zero-in on the surveys dragging your results down; and
  • Link surveys with coaching sessions to set the context and focus the action plan for fast improvement.

Next steps

If you are already using CSRScape, check out the CSRScape and Delighted integration support article to get started.

If you haven't tried CSRScape before and would like to try a new approach to contact center performance management, we'd love for you to try CSRScape for free.

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