Integrate Kustomer with CSRScape

Explore conversations from Kustomer and accelerate your QA process.

With our integration with Kustomer, you can explore conversations from your CRM directly in CSRScape. Easily find conversations to assess and link them with your assessment.

Find Conversations

When you integrate with Kustomer, you'll be able to see all the conversations your agents have had with customers directly in CSRScape. Using a wide range of filtering and search options, you can quickly find example conversations to target for your assessments.

Integrated Quality Assessments

When you attach a quality assessment to conversation from Kustomer, it will stay linked. In just a click, anyone viewing the assessment will be able to jump to the matching conversation in Kustomer, where they can view the details and access the transcript or recording.

With this integration, you'll save critical time. For your QAs, that means less time finding example conversations for the agents they need to target. For your coaches and agents, that means less time finding the related conversation for an assessment so they can review and understand the results.

Kustomer and CSRScape

  • Explore conversations directly in CSRScape;
  • Apply filtering options to find the right conversations to target; and
  • Easily open the related conversations while viewing an assessment.

Next steps

If you are already using CSRScape, check out the CSRScape and Kustomer integration support article to get started.

If you haven't tried CSRScape before and would like to try a new approach to contact center performance management, we'd love for you to try CSRScape for free.

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