Integrate Vimeo with CSRScape

Deliver your training videos to your agents and track completion.

With our Video Training feature and integration with Vimeo, you can deliver training videos directly to your agents without leaving CSRScape.

If you have video content to train and upskill your agents, you'll love this integration. After securely hosting your videos privately with Vimeo, you can bring them in to CSRScape as structured video training.

Coaches can assign video training to agents to complete as part of CSRScape's coaching action plan system. Coaches will be able to see a list of available videos while coaching, and together with the agent, can select the best video training to be completed.

Selected training forms part of the coaching session action plan, giving your coaches and agents a clear view of the steps they can take to improve performance.

Outstanding coaching plan actions are presented to your agents on their dashboard as soon as they log in - ensuring they can stay focused and get their actions completed. CSRScape even tracks when video training has been completed, providing excellent visibility on action plan execution.

Vimeo and CSRScape

  • Upload training videos to Vimeo for fast, global video delivery;
  • Make your videos private for delivery only through CSRScape;
  • Connect your videos to video training in CSRScape;
  • Assign video training as an action in a coaching action plan; and
  • Track the completion of assigned actions.

Next steps

If you are already using CSRScape, check out the CSRScape and Vimeo integration support article to get started.

If you haven't tried CSRScape before and would like to try a new approach to contact center performance management, we'd love for you to try CSRScape for free.

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