A contact center quality system for high performance.

CRM integration and highly customizable forms - working right alongside your coaching and reporting system.

CSRScape Contact Center Quality Analytics
Contact center quality

Measure. Understand. Drive.

We've packed CSRScape with features and options so you can measure quality your way while having your reporting and analysis generated automatically.

CSRScape Contact Center Quality Management
For your contact center

Measure quality your way

Design your quality forms using an extensive library of scales, options, and scoring approaches so you can measure quality the way that best suits your business.

  • Fast and easy input with a modern user interface
  • Scales, scores, and sections
  • Section and critical failure support
CSRScape Contact Center Dashboards
Less reporting. More action.

Integrated scorecards and insights

Get instantly updated quality results through scorecard integration and deep analytics for insight on your quality score drivers - and opportunities.

  • Dashboards, scorecards, and insight views
  • Explore quality items results at any reporting level
  • Automatically generated results
CSRScape Contact Center Quality Coaching Integration
Measure and drive performance

Coaching system integration

Turn quality measurements into improvement with close integration with your coaching system. Set goals and action plans linked to assessments.

  • Effective, documented coaching where you need it
  • Capture and reinforce coaching plans for your agents
  • Link quality measurement with clear action plans

Next level contact center quality.

Fast, Modern
Built on the latest web technology means CSRScape is fast, easy to use - and looks great. No more slow legacy system.
Save Money
Our per agent pricing is much lower than most contact center quality systems - Yet we're giving you dashboards, coaching, and quality for one price.
Automated Insights
All our performance views are instantly updated as you enter each assessment - giving you a live, running view of quality performance.
Built For Scale
Review results for a single agent and quality form item, right up to your entire global workforce. It's all one, highly-optimized reporting engine.
Coaching Integration
Track coaching separately to assessments, so it's only delivered when you need it and clear action plans are formed to improve.
CRM Integrations
Import conversations from your CRM, then filter and explore to find the right conversations to assess and kick-start your process.

Kick-start your quality process with direct CRM integration.

CSRScape Contact Center Quality Management
Accelerated quality process

. Step 1

Connect your CRM or survey system with integrations like the ones we built for Kustomer and Delighted.

. Step 2

Review conversations and surveys directly in CSRScape and find the right transactions to target your quality assessment efforts.

. Step 3

Capture quality assessments, keeping them linked with their original conversation or survey for easy reference.

Quality Assurance. Enhanced.

Equip your team with the best tools to drive quality in your contact center.

Improve quality

Monitor your operational quality with configurable quality forms that let you capture and score assessments just the way you want to. With automatic integration with our scorecard and analytics system, you'll be able to understand quality results and drivers in real-time.

Coach effectively

Capture coaching conversations with goal setting and structured action plans that your agents can commit to, and your coaches can follow up. With CSRScape, you can maximize the effectiveness of your coaching time investment.

Drive results

With all your tools in one place, CSRScape means your team has one place to go to monitor and drive results. Track and analyze performance like never before with instantly updating automated dashboards and scorecards.

Save money

CSRScape can cost you less than even one of the multiple systems it can replace. Let us save you money while equipping your team with a growing range of tools delivered over a fast, modern platform.

Let's take it a step further.

CSRScape integrates with your existing contact center technology to automate processes and maximize results.

Performance management. Unified.

One home for your performance management processes.


Powerful scorecards and analytics to track and understand your results and automate your reporting processes.


Drive quality with form customization, automatic reporting, and integrations to search conversations easily.


Maximize agent performance with structured coaching sessions complete with goals and action plans.

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